After graduating from NASM with my personal training certification, I have finally figured out a weekly routine that target all my muscles groups and that correlates with my specified goals! The workouts will change over time, but the formula for targeting the specified muscle groups will stay!

You will see running in my schedule. I do this for my own mental sanity. I do it to clear my head and essentially meditate. I realized running does not do much for me when it comes to my fitness goals. The money maker is WEIGHT LIFTING & RESISTANCE TRAINING

Monday: Full Body with Weights

  • I use 10-15lb weights to target all muscle groups usually in a HIIT style workout. If I do not create my own, my go to You Tube channel is Growingannanas.
  • Run 6 Miles.

Tuesday: Core, Back/Biceps

  • I typically develop my own back and bicep routine. See my video here.
  • I do a separate core workout. See my video here.
  • Run 3-4 Miles.

Wedesday: Legs/Glutes, Shoulders

  • Glutes and legs are my favorite. I have come up with a ton of workouts that combine my favorite exercises. See one of my videos here.
  • I do a separate shoulder workout. This is my favorite part of upper body. See my video here.
  • Run 4-6 Miles (Depends how I feel after Leg/Glute workout).

Thursday: Chest/Triceps, Core

  • I either split upper body and core workouts or combine core and upper body exercises into one workout. See my version of the combination circuit workout here.
  • Run 3-4 Miles.

Friday: Cardio Full Body HIIT, Legs/Glutes

  • I either develop my own workout here – filled with jump squats, jumping jacks, lunges, pushups, etc. Or my go-to YouTube channel is Growingannanas (as stated above).
  • See my glute workout here.

Saturday: Long Run

  • I take this day to go on a 7.5 Mile run for mental growth and cleansing.

Sunday: Rest Day

  • Rest days are mandatory! For a girl who hated working out, now I can’t get enough and rest days are hard for me – I seriously want to workout everyday! After studying about the muscles of the body, I have learned that in order to for muscles to grow, they must have adequate rest. This is SO important. So, I take rest days seriously now

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