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I thought I would write a little blurb about the meaning of my blog name WeMet Martin. It seemed approprate to mention the backgrund of my name the day after my Great Grandfather’s birthday. Fun fact about about me is my Great Grandfather was a famous golfer, Frances Ouimet, and I was named after him; although, I have never played a day of golf in my life. Maybe I should give it a try… since I am at a risk-taking point in my life 😀 Like starting this blog!

Ouimet is a very unique middle name to have, not to mention a very interesting converation topic. People are always like, “Oh, Ouimet, that’s different!” Then I go into, “Well, I was named after my Great Grandfather – a famous golfer”. That always gets people going. People that do not play golf are interested, but the golf players get super excited!

Frances Ouimet was also known as the “Father of Golf”. He was the first amateur to win the US Open in 1913. He was also the first American captain of the Royal and Ancient golf club at St. Andrews in Scotland. My Mother, Aunt and I visited the St. Andrews Golf Club and were the first EVER women allowed in the Hall of Fame to view a huge portrait of my Great Grandfather they have hanging in there to honor him. They were really excited to meet us for some reason.

Another interesting tidbit is that there was a Disney movie made after Frances Ouimet. It is called The Greatest Game Ever Played and Shia LaBeouf plays my Great Grandfather… such a trip! My family and I went to this fancy premiere in LA to honor him. I have also been to other banquets, events and fundraisers in his honor. It is fun to be able to pass this to my kids as their Great Great Grandfather!

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