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I am a mother of two children. I started my own virtual assistant business after I had my second child. I was unable to return to work, because daycare was just too dang expensive, but I needed a some sort of income. I love being a stay at home mom and being the one to raise my toddler before he’s off to preschool in a couple years, but I also have a very unique and complex professional background which I feel needs to be utilized; some of which includes the following:

  1. Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice
  2. Customer service and Restaurant Management
  3. Legal Assistant at two Law Firms
  4. Executive-level Manager at a Logistics Company and Assistant to the CEO
  5. Human Resources Manager

Other Qualities Include:

  1. Highly Organized
  2. Keen Attention to Detail
  3. Excellent Multitasker (I give it to motherhood!)
  4. Incredible Problem-solver

With these qualifications I decided to put my services out on the market to help busy individuals and lighten their load by assisting them with personal or professional tasks.



– Recreate space to become more useful.
– Declutter
– Provide organizing techniques that will last in the household.
– Shop and utilize organization storage items.
– File and sort paperwork or digital files.

Calendar Important Dates
– School
– Appointments
– Activities
– Parties
– Events
– Commitments
– Sync multiple calendars

Make Appointments
– Doctor appointments
– Children activities

Family Errands
– Grocery Shopping
– Gift Shopping/Wrapping
– Pick up/Drop off
– Donate items or post on a buy/sell site (Offerup, Facebook Marketplace, etc.)

Book Flights & Trip Accommodations
– Family vacations
– Last minute trips
– Research prices, deals and packages.
– Coordinate and book activities
– Create itineraries

– Prospective Purchases
– Household or Other Services
– Comparing Deals
– Children Actvities

Party Planning
Kid’s birthdays, adult birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, wedding showers
– Invitations/RSVP coordination
– Party setup/take down
– Decorations and theme
– Hiring staff (service, bartender, babysitter, cleaning crew, entertainment)
– Catering (in house or catering company)

Other Household Chores
– Light cleaning in relation to anorganization project.
– Food prep for breakfast, lunch and dinner or kids meals and school lunches.
– Dog Walking
– Childcare & Tutoring
– Light gardening & yardwork (weeding in relation to a gardening project; planting flowers or vegetables; purchasing indoor/outdoor plants for decorative purposes)


– Recreate office space to become more useful.
– Declutter office space.
– Provide organizing techniques that will last.
– File and sort paperwork or digital files.

Calendar Important Dates
– Appointments
– Deadlines
– Work Events
– Professional Commitments
– Phone/Zoom Calls or Conferences

Make Appointments
– Book professional appointments
– Client appointments

– Delivery service
– Office supply shopping online or pickup
– Serving paperwork

Book Flights & Trip Accommodations
– Work trips
– Coordinate hotel and conference rooms.
– Research prices, deals and packages.
– Create trip itineraries and schedules.

– Trends and stats
– Relevant articles & reports
– Clientele information

Other Administrative Services
– Proofread and edit documents.
– Create spreadsheets, documents, powerpoints
– Data Entry
– Social media maintenance (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook)
– Light Accounting & Bookkeeping
– Payroll


For rates please inquire by email at wemetmartin.va@gmail.com. Rates are based on either an hourly or by project basis.

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