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When I got into running, it was in the beginning of Covid and right when I got sober. I was so excited to have a new hobby and start running road races, but the whole world basically shut down. In other words there were no races to run. So I just free ran. By the time road races started to pop up again I was pregnant. The Surf City Run in February 2022 was my first Road Race. I was so excited! Since then, I ran a race every month this year. It was so fun and such a great motivational tool in my fitness journey. It was also fun to track my accomplishments and monitor my improvements. Below you will see the different races I ran, how I trained for them and the outcomes.

Santa Stroll 5K – Hermosa Beach
December 10, 2022

Last race of the year! I did it! I did one race a month since February. What a fun goal and easily attainable goal – I just had to show up. This race was a mellow race to finish off the year. It actually wasn’t a race at all – it was a stroll for a good cause; but you know me 🙂 I turned it into a race 😉

The Race Included:
– Santa Suit (Adults)
– Santa Race Shirt (Kids)
– Stuffy (Kids)
– Finisher Medal

Free for the Participants:
– Kinecta supplied Ice cream
– Popcorn
– Baked goods from Mychal’s Bakery

Popsicles & Cookies in the Morning – Only on Race Day!

Usually I do a “My Journey” of how I trained for each race, but I really didn’t train for this race, because I ran a half marathon last month and I knew this month was going to be a fun run. I still ran 3-5 days/week, 3-7.5 miles; this is standard for me anyway.

The Finish Line

I came in first! LOL!! What a great way to finish off the year of races. Like I said before, this was not a competitive race. There were only a few runners, mostly walkers, but I booked it! They did not time the race, but my app says I finished in under 25 mins. My fastest mile was 7:42. I was also interviewed by a local Hawthorne new channel. It felt good to donate to a good cause and run my butt off!

As always, my family are my biggest supporters and they joined me for this race. Love them so much, they are the best!!

The Martin’s & Shea’s
Daddy Running w/ the Kids!

Joshua Tree Half Marathon – Joshua Tree
November 5, 2022

This was such a fun run! It was put together very well by Vacation Races. The Expo to pick up your bib was the day of the race at a cool venue in Joshua Tree, where they also have the music festival; it was also the location of the start/finish line. When you pick up your bib you also get a bitchin race shirt, a re-usable water cup (to reduce littering in the desert) and entry into their raffle. They had a coffee booth as well as a food booth. You can also camp right next to the venue! My Dad also has 40 acres in Joshua Tree about 10 minutes away as well…. if anyone wants to come stay and run next year 😉 My family stands on the edge of our property and cheers runners on as we run by!!!

Race Venue
My Light up Vest!
Runners Prepping!

The course was so cool! The start of the race is at sunset, so you run under the moon and stars!! You have to run with a headlamp, because it is dark. This is mandatory. I also ran with a light up vest as well (it changed colors – it was cool!). The course was unlike any I have ever run. It was hilly and sandy. They had 6 aid sations along the course.

Look at that Sky!
Runners Line Up

Upon finishing the finsh line was super energetic and lit! You receive a finisher medal and a care package with all kinds of cool snacks and energy bars. They also have bananas, electrolyte water, regular water, hot chocolate and chocolate milk. I will definately run this race every year!

My Journey

This is my longest race to date. I trained for this race for several months. I made sure to stay consistent with my running schedule. I ran 4-5 days per week; including one long run without the BOB, which consisted of 8-12 miles. For the last month I ran my long run primarily on the Greenbelt (wood chip trail, more similar to the desert trail than the strand). I also strength trained with weights 4-5 days a week (which is my usual, but it also helps with running). I took my rest days seriously and for the last two weeks, I tapered my running by mileage and days per week to get my body ready. This is hard for me, because I am creature of habit and would run everyday if I could. It is hard for me to rest. My eating is primarily healthy anyway, including all the food groups, but I made sure to fuel with wholesome carbs on run days and sufficient protein when strength training.

Final Two Weeks Before the Race
October 24 – November 4
-(2) 6 Mile (Normal Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 9:01 (BOB)
(1) 3.6 Mile (Recovery Run)
– Avg. per Mile – 8:57 (no BOB)
(2) 4 Mile (Short Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:46 (No BOB); 9:00 (BOB)
(1) 10 Mile (Long Run)
– Avg. per Mile – 9:01 (no BOB)

Finish Line

What a fun course! It was definitely different and even a little scary at times, because I am not used to running on such uneven ground, especially at night. I thought I was going to twist my ankle, but overall I was prepared and felt very strong. My finish time was 2:04:34 and I came in 8th in my age group. I am very proud of this time, especially considering the difficulty of the course. This is the kicker- the first 2 miles is up a hill!! So mile 2, I was caught behind runners on a narrow path that I couldn’t pass. My time for Mile 2 was over 11:00.

As I always say, my family is my key motivation. They are so amazing and their love and support is what keeps me going. My Aunt came out again this year to run the race again (I was pregnant last year, so I couldn’t run it). It was so fun to run a race with her. She is such an inspiration to me, not only in regards to running, but her overall life journey! She ran through an injury and still got 2nd in her age group – now that’s determination! My dad, husband and kids greeted me at the finish line, then we got to greet my aunt. It was such an amazing night!!!

Fit Fall Halloween Harvest 5K, 10K Run/Walk
Bolsa Chica State Beach, Huntington Beach
October 22, 2022

What could be more fun than a Halloween themed race! We dressed up as “freakin bats” and got our fitness on!! SO FUN! This is the third race I have done this year at this location, held by Caren Events. They put on a great race and I love this course; because it is right on the beach in Bolsa Chica. This race also supported armed forces and anything in uniform. It is always nice to run for a good cause!

Freakin Bats… I Love Halloween!

All Participant’s Received:
– RFID Chip Timing
– Custom Cast Finisher Medal  
– Fall Themed Event T-Shirt –  Hand designed
– Age Division Awards
-Awards for Top Overall
-Halloween Outfit Awards
– Taco/Tamale Chart for Purchase

This race also included two kids races: 1/2 mile and 200 yard. June did the 200 yard. She killed it! It was super cute to watch.

Kids Stretching Sesh
Kids Stretching Sesh
Kid’s Start Line
June Running

My Journey:

I really didn’t train for this race per se. I am really training for the half marathon in Joshua Tree next month, so CONSISTENCY is key and that goes for any area of working out. As you know by now, my training consists of running with the BOB stroller, which alters my times, but the point is I am running weekly.

My Average Week Looked Like This:
September 27 – October 21
-(1-2) 6 Mile (Normal Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:52 (BOB); 8:43 (no BOB)
(2) 3.6 Mile (Recovery Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:57
(1) Long Run (1 of the following)
– 8 Mile – 8:57
– 8.4 Mile – 9:15
– 12.5 Mile – 8:54

Finish Line

My Crew!

This was not my fastest 10K, but I received the most awards this race! Below are my stats:

  • 8:17 pace
  • 2nd Female Overall
  • 1st Female in Age Group (30-34)

Although I just run these races for fun, it very rewarding to receive recognition for my achievements and see my stats improving! It is all about eh CONSISTENCY people!! It is also about the peer support. The friends and family that join me in these races are incredible! It is so fun to do this thing with other people and develop a sense of community!

2nd Overall Female
1st in Age Group (30-34)

Surf City 10 Mile 5K 10KHuntington Beach
September 25, 2022

This race was so fun! I know I say that about every race, but they really are SO FUN! This race was a big one… Lot’s of runners and vendors!!! Surf City HB does a great job putting up these races. They have one if February with a half marathon and this one in September annually.

Registration Included:

  • Flat and fast USATF certified courses
  • SC10 medals for all finishers
  • Aid Stations all along the course
  • Custom SC10 designed Finisher’s tech shirt
  • Finish Line Refreshments, including a beer garden for those of you over 21!

My Journey:

I was pretty consistent with the training for this race. I (of course) had the BOB, so running times are definately different. I ran about 5 days a week: (2) 6mi, (2) 3.6mi, (1) Long Run (7.5 – 10 mi) per week. The week before the race, I tapered: (1) 6mi, (1) 5mi, (1) 4mi, (1) 3mi.

My Average Week Looked Like This:
August 22 – September 23
(2) 6 Mile (Normal Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:48
(2) 3.6 Mile (Recovery Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:44
(1) Long Run (1 of the following)
8.81 Mile 8:30
8.89 Mile – 8:58
9.10 Mile – 8:51
10 Mile – 8:47

Finish Line

I felt SO amazing after this race! This was my first 10 Mile and I was nervous I would tire myself out in the beginning, because of the “race-day adrenaline” that pulses through your body after they blow the whistle.

I paced myself so well, that it actually seemed easy for me, I could have kept going! I also got better time than any of my long run training days. My finish time was 1:26:18, with an average pace of 8:38/mi. I placed 8th in my age group (30-34) — There were some very fast ladies, but that comes witht he territory of a big race. I honestly think I could have gone faster, because I took it easy the first 5 mile split. I went slow, because I was nervous, as this was my longest race. The fun part about these races is getting to know your body and what you are capable of! Our bodies are miracles!!

My family is my rock! They wake up early (5am!) and come do this thing with me. They are my inspiration, my motivation and my determination. I am tearing up while I write this, because they are so amazing to be by my side as we better ourselves and our health TOGETHER. I love them so much!

We also had other friends join us for this race. I am so proud of them! To wake up early and do this thing as a family, with two small kids, is truly amazing! It is so important to come together: friends, family, community and practice physical activity for our health and well being. It is SO INSPIRING!!!!

Aloha Run 5K 19K Run/WalkLong Beach, CA
August 21, 2022

This race was super fun! We did the same course in June for the Awesome 80’s Run and it is a great scenic course. They had a fun Hawaiian band that played and Hula Dancers! It was so much fun for the whole family. The vendors were awesome, as they were last time. I got hooked up with some Jambars (energy bars) and Ultima Electrolyte Hydration Mix. This is where I get my money’s worth, because I use energy bars and electrolyte tablets regularly. They also had a station to make candy lei’s; June loved this part!

Hawaiian Band
Vendor Setup from Afar

Registration Included:
– Collector’s Finisher Medal for all participants
– Aloha Run T-shirt
– Chip timed results
– Scenic and flat course
– Post-race Luau with live music, dancers and drummers
– Winner awards for top 3 in five year age groups

Tommy Ready!
June Ready!!
Start Line
Family is Killing it!

My Journey:

My training for this race was a little different. All you parents out there get it… it was summer! So, for the first two weeks June was in beach camp and I was pushing the BOB with an extra 45 pounds = slower time. The last week, June was out of school and camp, so my running went down to two days that week. All good though! Overall, I think this change made me stronger. It was a change of pace (no pun intended) both pushing more weight and different mileage.

August 1 – August 7: 5 days
(2) 4 Mile – 9:02 min/mi (fastest) – BOB Stroller with both kids
(2) 5.5 Mile – 9:06 min/mi (fastest) – BOB Stroller with both kids
(1) 6.75 – 8:59 min/mi – Flat trail run, no BOB
August 8 – August 14: 4 Days
(2) 5.8 Mile – 8:59 min/mi (fastest) – BOB Stroller with both kids
(1) 6 Mile – 9:16 min/mi (fastest) – BOB Stroller with both kids
(1) 6.75 Mile – 8:54 min/mi – Flat trail run, no BOB
August 15 – August 21 – 2 Days
(1) 3.5 Mile – 8:59 min/mi – BOB Stroller with both kids
(1) 6.2 Mile – 9:01 min/mi – BOB Stroller with Tommy only

Finish Line:

I think I am really starting to get this running thing! I started slow and began to find an easy, steady pace. I found myself passing several runner once I found my steady pace, so I knew I was doing pretty well. I started to go faster the last two miles, because I forgot that I started my personal timer before I started the start line, so I thought I was going slow lol. This actually benefited me because it was my fasted 10K so far! I booked it the last 0.5 – 1 mile and finished at a 7:54 avg min/mi. Once again, I came in 2nd in my age group (30-34). Super stoked!!

I did it!
Killed it!

I can’t even express the gratitude I feel for my family. They are so amazing! They wake up early on their days off and come do this thing with me! It is so inspiring to see them all get here and get-er-done. I love them all so much and am eternally grateful to have them by my side. It pushes me to be stronger, better and faster!!!

Love Them!
Candy Lei Station

Rockin Summer 5k 10k 15k Half MarathonSanta Monica, CA
July 31, 2022

All of the big races that looked fun were on Fourth of July weekend (and I was out of town), so I found this low profile race. This was another mellow run by A Better World Running. There was no runners expo or booths after the race and they do not give T-shirts (reflected in the prices). This was more of an accountability run for personal satisfaction and to check my July race off the list! This race was clock timed and the time results and places were posted on their website, www.abetterworldrunning.com . I liked this run, because it gives you the option to do a 15K, which is rare to my findings. This was the longest race I have done. It was awesome!!

The Fam!
Mile 4
Mile 6
Mile 8 – Home Stretch!!!

Registration Included:
– Beautiful scenic beach run
– Finishers medal and goody bag
– Banana & water at the finish line
– Free downloadable photos
– Easy parking
– Cheap entry fees!

My Journey:

I trained 6 days a week for this race from June 14 – July 29. I ran with the BOB stroller the whole month, except for the 7.5 mile runs. My average week consisted of:
(2) 6 Mile (Normal Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:44
(1) 5 Mile (Normal Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:50
(2) 3.5 Mile (Recovery Easy Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:41
(1) 7.5 Mile (Long Run) – No BOB
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:37

Finish Line

My Crew!
My Little Run-a-thon-er!

This was my first 15K and longest race so far – 9.3 Miles. It was amazing! I think I paced myself pretty well. I started to get tired at Mile 8, but to know there was only 1.3 miles to go kept me going strong! I will definately start out slower when I run a half marathon. My pace was 8:27 per mile. I came in 2nd overall in the 15K; although, there were on three 15K participants. Still gotta be proud of the accomplishment!!

My sister-in-law, niece and daughter joined me to walk the 5K. I am so proud of them for getting up and coming out! It is so fun to do this thing together with friends and family. Such a healthy thing to do together and holds eachother accountable. My daughter LOVES “run-a-thons” (she calls them). She looks forward to them every month. It’s adorable! I can’t wait until she can get out and run with me <3

Awesome 80’s 5K & 10K Run/Walk Long Beach, CA
June 12, 2022

This run was super fun! Everyone was dressed up in 80’s gear and they had a DJ playing 80’s music. The track is around Shoreline Aquatic Park, which was a super flat and easy course and it had an incredible view of the harbor for the 5K and 10K; and the strand along the beach if you ran the 10K. I really loved the scenic view of this course! The volunteers were amazing. They had water stations and many of them were holding up enouraging signs and cheering you on close to the start and finish line.

Registration Includes:
Collector’s Finisher Medal
Awesome 80s T-shirt
Chip timed results
Post-race party with live music, food and dancing
Winner awards for top 3 in each age group

I also really like the vendors here. I got a ton of free Jambars, which are energy bars, Ultima Electrolyte powder and Koia protein shakes. I have never used these brands, but I do use energy bars, electrolytes and drink protein shakes daily; so this will save some extra $$ at the grocery store this month 🙂 Another great thing about the races… although you pay an entry fee, you get a bunch of free stuff!

My Journey:

I trained 6 days a week for this race from May 2 – June 11. I ran with the BOB stroller the whole month, except for the 7.5 mile runs. My average week consisted of:
(3) 6 Mile (Normal Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:28
(1) 4 Mile (Recovery Easy Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 9:00
(1) 3.5 Mile (Recovery Easy Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:54
(1) 7.5 Mile (Long Run)
– Fastest Avg. per Mile – 8:30

Finish Line

Love Race Day!!! Today was so fun! I did the 10K and came in 2nd in my age group today (30-34). My average pace was 8:01/mi. I felt like I paced myself well today. I didn’t start off too fast and slowed down when I felt like I was over-working, so not to be too tired to finish strong. The last mile, I booked it and I had the energy to do so, which was a great feeling. Again, I will say it 1,000 times, time and time again… CONSISTENCY pays off!

My family is my rock. They not only come and support me, but they get out there themselves. SO very proud of them! Today our niece joined us for her first 5K. Hopefully, more family and friends will join in the upcoming races too!!

Cinco de Miles 5K/5 Mile RunHuntington Beach, CA
May 1, 2022

What a fun race this was! They had live music and dancers celebrating Hispanic culture for some Pre-Cinco de Mayo fun. They even had a dancing horse! It was hilarious. The race was on the smaller side, but there was a lot of good energy and the scenery was great — right on the beach. They had the option between 1 Mile, 5K Walk/Run, or 5 Miles and it was fun for the whole family. I ran the 5 Mile, but my family walked the 5K!

Perks for participants were as follows:

  • Custom Cinco de Miles cast medals
  • Cinco de Miles themed event race shirts
  • Age division awards
  • RFID Chip timing by Itz About Time (itzabouttime.com)
  • Chips & Salsa at the Finish Line
  • Coffee, Tacos & Refreshments for Purchase

My Journey:

I was training for a half marathon that I am unable to participate in now, so my training was a little different. I ran 2 long runs (10-11 miles) in the 3 week period prior to this race, while also running 3-6 miles with the BOB, ~3 days a week.

  • April 11-17
    • I ran 4 days this week.
    • My fastest average pace per mile for 6 miles was 9:06 with the BOB.
    • I also ran 10.21 miles with an average pace of 8:59 per mile.
  • April 18-24
    • I ran 2 days this week, because I was on vacation.
    • My average pace per mile for 6.16 miles was 9:47 with the BOB. Trying to do an easy run to learn to pace myself for the half.
    • I also ran 11 miles with an average pace of 9:03 per mile. This is the run that injured my foot.
  • April 25-30
    • I ran 2 days this week, because I injured my foot and was trying to rest it. See below the next race on how I healed my foot .
    • My fastest average pace per mile for 6.5 miles was 8:31.

Finish Line

4th Road Race in the books! I actually placed in my age division this time!! I came in Third in my age group (30-34) and received 3rd Place Medal. I ran a 8:07 average mile, 40:35 overall. This just shows when you get in race mode, you get fired up and run faster than you would on your normal runs. I am so proud of myself for accomplishing this! This is my first race longer than a 5K, but it is what I am comfortable with, so it was fun to GET-ER-DONE 🙂

I am also so proud and grateful for my family coming and joining me in these events. Even though we don’t run together, we all get to participate in something to benefit our mind, body and soul and reap the benefits together. We have the best time and it is so rewarding in the end!

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half MarathonSolvang
May 7, 2022

I am SUUUUPPERRR bummed I have to miss this race. My husband got a call for work in Florida and it is too much for me to pull off this desination race with both kids 🙁

I felt pretty prepared for this half marathon. It would have been my first long distance run, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I ran 3 long runs (10-11 miles) in a 4 week period, while also running 3-6 miles, 5 days a week. Most people train for 4 months before a long run, I only trained four weeks, because I decided to do the race only a month ago.

Unfortunately, after my 11 mile run (2 weeks before the race), I felt pain in the side of my right foot. I am not sure what it is, the symptoms are most similar to peroneal tendonitis; although this would not stop me. I don’t do well with rest, so I ran 6.5 miles the next day and 3.5 miles the day after that. I do not recommend this. My foot did not hurt while running, but it was painful for the rest of the day following and it was not getting better. The pain I felt was a sharp pain on the right side of my foot going up to the base of my ankle when I walked. When I rested it, it was fine. I realized I needed to start giving my foot some TLC:

  • I began rest and ice my foot.
  • I got Arnica pellets, which I dissolved under my tongue and Arnica cream to apply while massaging the affected area three times a day.
  • I also puchased a compression sleeve, which I wore for 48 hours.

I would have still loved to have run this race and I would have if my husband were in town. This just means I will have this training under my belt for the next half marathon, plus more!

Derby Day 5K Run/Walk Santa Anita
April 9, 2022

This race was really fun! I will definately be doing this run every year. The course was beautiful and I even got my family and friends to come out to run too! Some key benefits of the race are:

  • This race is chip timed with live results and the results came in immediately. There is even a station with laptops to check the results.
  • All finishers recieve a T-shirt and medal.
  • Free admission to the derby after the race and and additional ticket for another day of your choice.
  • For finishers of legal driving age – 2 free Golden Road Brews.
  • Stroller friendly – My sister in law and brother in law pushed our kids, so my husband and I could run!
  • KIDS RACE: June did the 6 & under run down the track. It was super cute and a great way to get your kids out there to build their confidence and physical fitness! They also have 3/4 mile race for kids 12 & under. All kid runners got a medal, T-shirt and goodie bag!

My Journey:
It’s hard to say how I trained for this 5k, because I was pushing a double BOB stroller for the past month (since the last 5K I ran in Santa Monica). During this time I have been running 3 – 6 miles, 5 – 6 days a week. My average mile times have been about 8:50 – 9:00.

Finish Line

Third race down! My average pace for this race was 8:03, so as you can see much faster than running with the double stroller. I literally felt like I as flying! I came in 5th in my age division, which I am very proud of! I finished the race in 25:02. This was an amazing accomplishment. It is exciting to see my progress. It just shows that hard work and CONSISTENCY pays off. I can feel myself getting stronger since I had Tommy and it is so motivating!!!

I am so proud of my Little Girl. June Bug did so great at her first race. She was so proud of herself and can’t wait until her next debut!

These road races are such a fun way to get family and friends together. It gets everyone out to practice self care, not to mention it is fun and healthy for all ages. It promotes confidence and positive energy surrounding the mind, body and soul. It is a great accomplishment, not to mention you can travel to different destinations.

Rockin Shamrock 5K, 10K, 15K, Half MarathonSanta Monica
March 13, 2022

Fun Run Race Southern California

I was super bummed the Redondo St. Patricks Day Race cancelled, but I ended up running the Santa Monica Shamrock 5K. It was a beautiful run on the strand. I ran it with my baby boy in the double BOB stroller. My daughter had a sleepover with her aunt, so she did not make it to the race. It is definately harder running with a stroller, luckily I have a bomb one though! I have been training with the BOB for about 3 weeks, but I also have been running about 6 miles.

This race was very casual and mellow. More of a personal achievement, fun run type of race. It was not chip timed and they do not give out shirts or have a runners expo. You pick up your bib the morning of the race. They do give out medals, snacks and hydration and the end of the race, which is nice.

My Journey:

  • February 21-27:
    • I ran 5 days this week.
    • My fastest average per mile for 6 miles was 9:36 with the BOB.
  • February 28-March 6:
    • I ran 3 days this week.
    • My fastest average per mile for 4.5 miles was 9:17 with the BOB.
  • Week of Race:
    • I ran 6 days this week.
    • My fastest average per mile for 6 miles was 8:28 with the BOB.


I finished my second race! I came in second in my age group (30-34) and 12th overall out of 36 runners. Also, I was the only runner pushing a stroller. I received a ton of smiles and “you go” pushing the double stroller, which was very encouraging. I am so pumped to have had the motivation to show up and run, even if it’s just myself (and my little guy). Running is so versatile, because you can do it alone or with friends and family. What a great day!

Village Runner St. Patricks Day 5K – Redondo Beach, CA
March 13, 2022

Surf City USA – Huntington Beach, CA
February 6, 2022

This was a great race! It had a great Expo on the Friday and Saturday before, where tou picked up your bib. The race was chip timed and had a race t-shirt and medal. They also had a ton of finishing snacks and hydration as well. This was my first legitimate big race. It was so fun to be apart of!

My Journey:

  • I started training on December 31, running 3.33 miles and my average time was 10:46.
  • January 3 – 9:
    • I ran 5 days this week.
    • My fastest average per mile for 3 miles was 10:01.
  • January 10 – 16:
    • I ran 5 days this week.
    • My fastest average per mile for 3 miles was 9:47.
  • January 17 – 23:
    • I ran 3 days this week.
    • My fastest average per mile for 3 miles was 9:21.
  • January 24 – 30:
    • I ran 6 days this week.
    • My fastest average per mile for 3 miles was 9:06.
  • Week of the Race:
    • I ran 6 days this week.
    • My fastest average per mile for 3 miles was 8:50. Fastest thus far, but I pushed myself.

My realistic and attainable goal is to run the 5K in 30:00. I would be happy with this. I would be happier with a 27:00 time. I would be estatic to run it in 25:30.


I did it! According to the Surf City Race tracking app:
– My average mile was 8:13.
– My finish time was 25:30.
– I came in 12th in my age group (30-34)!

I am super proud of myself and so grateful for my family for all of their support! All you moms out there (or ANYONE!) that want to get back in shape and get back in the game, but are weary and unmotivated… It IS possible and I am living proof. It just takes a little push to get you going. It does not happen quickly, but if you keep at it you will achieve your goals and the confidence you build physically and mentally is someting that is all yours and no one can take away from you! I am no where near where I was before I was pregnant, but I am going to keep going and I will get there. Stay tuned for more races!

Super Bowl Sunday 5K/10K – Redondo Beach, CA
February 13, 2022

This looks like a fun run. I like how they have a separate 10K for Baby Buggy’s. One day I would love to do a race with the kids in the buggy. They also have a kids 1K.

5K/10K Run:
$45 from December 1st thru February 11th
$50 Race Weekend (February 12th and 13th)

Kids’ 1K Fun Run (Kids 12 and Under)
$20 until February 11th
$25 Race Weekend (February 12th and 13th)

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