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While on my 6 week cut, I have noticed the easiest meal to prep are salad kits!!! There little preparation and I can add a ton of protein that I need to fit in for the day. See the steps below on how I tackle this simple meal prep.


What you Need

Prep It!!!

First: Use a measuring cup or scale to equally measure the greens in the salad kit.
Second: Add more lettuce (either spinach or romaine).

Third: Add any ingredient in the salad kit that will not get soggy, like cheese. I also add extra veggies here if I am going to.

Fourth: Portion out the ingredients that will get soggy or make the salad soggy, like croutons or crunchy things and dressing in the small sauce containers.

Fifth: Put the sauce containers in the salad tupperware and store in the fridge.

Lastly: When you are ready to eat your salad, add your PROTEIN! I make sure to have a big tupperware of chopped chicken in the fridge at all times. I will bake 24oz of chicken at the beginning of the week (and more for the family, because my husband and the kids eat it also). I also make sure to have a bunch of cans of tuna on hand. The key is the Solid White Albacore Tuna, because they have the most protein.
Hint: Costco has 7oz Solid White Albacore cans that have 42g of Protein each.

I have literally been eating these everyday for lunch during my 6 week cut. They are so easy to make, low in calories, and a great way to get a bunch of protein.

See the salad kits below that have the lowest calories. I bough them from Target.

Keep in mind the calorie count is 1/2 a salad kit portioned. It does not include the extra lettuce veggies, or protein that I add. Usually by the end, one salad with everything comes out to about 380-450 kcal – depending on what I add and the salad kit I use!

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