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My daughter turned 4 on March 8, 2022. She is OBSESSED with princesses, so this year we decided to throw her a very royal princess party. Keep in mind, I have an amazing sister in law that is super creative and a party planning extraordinaire. Her daughter (my niece) also has a lot up her sleeve, so I had their help in creating this fairytale birthday party for June. There are four main things I had to think about when planning the party:

  1. Activities
  2. Food
  3. Decorations
  4. The Goody Bag


Dress Up

  • Dressing Room/Photo Backdrop-
    • Arch- We used an old one in our backyard.
    • Fabric- We used leftover fabric or you can get it from Joanns or Walmart.
    • Plastic Table Cloth- Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Store.
    • Tissue Pom Poms- Dollar Tree
    • Red Carpet- Joann’s
  • Pick a Dress
    • Garmet Rack- Amazon
    • Princess Dresses/Shoes- June has accumulated many princess dresses/shoes over the past holidays.
  • Accessorize
    • Princess Crowns & Wands- Amazon
    • Princess Necklaces, Rings, Earrings & Bracelets- Amazon
    • Jewelry Stand- Amazon

Princess Appearance:

LA Princess Company– After an extensive search we found this company best suited our needs. They quoted us $200 for an hour, $50 for an additional half hour:

  • Pick any Princess- June chose Jasmine.
  • Face Paint or makeup- June chose makeup, because she’s a diva!
  • Nail Painting- Extra $25 (which was included in our quote). June insisted on nail painting.
  • Dance party and photo shoot.
  • Sings Happy Birthday and gives a Birthday Tiara.

Decorate a Wand

Make rice crispy treat wands to decorate and eat!

First– Make rice crispy treats (recipe). We put pink food coloring in the marshmellow mix to make them pink as well.
Second– Use star cutter to cut out rice crispies and insert cookie sticks.
Third– Have the princesses decorate using white cookie icing and sprinkles.
Fourth– Give the option to take them home! We covered the crispy wand in cellophane bags with a twisty tie and labeled them with a princess sticker (Dollar Tree) of their choice.


June Bug was very specific regarding her menu. She wanted (1) Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, (2) Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, (3) Charcuterie Board – specifically with salami, brie, bleu cheese and the orange cheese (cheddar). The girl knows what she wants!

June’s Full Princess Menu:

  1. Croissant Sandwiches (Costco)
  2. Jasmine’s PB&J – cut into stars and hearts (see cutters here)
  3. Charcuterie Board
  4. Cinderella’s Caesar Salad (recipe)
  5. Moana’s Mac n Cheese (recipe) – We died the mac n cheese pink with food coloring.
  6. Veggie Platter
  7. Fruit Platter
  8. Hummus & Pita Chips
  9. Rapunzel’s Strawberry Lemonade – Sam’s Club Strawberry Lemonade with cut up strawberries.
  10. Ariel’s Fruit Punch – Crystal Light

Dessert Table:

  1. Cake – Von’s (5 inch, 3 layer Personal Cake for June).
  2. Cupcakes – Sam’s Club
  3. Princess Pretzels – Costco
  4. Sleeping Beauty’s Strawberry Cookies (recipe)
    • Before I baked the cookies, I rolled each dough ball in rainbow sprinkles.
    • Also used cookies for goody bags (see below).


Most of our decorations or materials have come from Joanns, Dollar Tree and of course Amazon. We have also accumulated many items from years of hosting events including: tables, chairs, table cloths, chair covers, table runners. Below I have listed the decorative necessities and where you can purchase them for convenience.


  1. Table Covers
    • Cloth – Amazon (Royal Table & Jewelry Table)
    • Plastic – Dollar Tree (Wand Table, Dessert Table, Present Table)
  2. Chair Coversefavormart
  3. Table Runnersefavormart (Royal Table, Wand Table & Dessert Table)
  4. Chargers – Dollar Tree and spray painted pink (Royal Table)
  5. Vases – Dollar Tree and modge podged glitter (Royal Table)
    • Flowers – Dollar Tree


  1. Tulle – Joanns – Used instead of streamer in various places, such as on the food bar.
  2. Pom Poms – Dollar Tree – Used on dressing room and overhang.
  3. Chalkboard Signs – Michaels – Used for the food labeling and the Jewelry Table.
  4. Princess Party Starter KitAmazon – I didn’t use everything in the kit, but it was a good deal!
    • Helium Tank – Walmart (Best Deal)
  5. Princess Center PiecesAmazon – These can go all along the tables to make it more princessy!

The Goody Bag

This was my favorite part to put together! Partially because June gets so excited to get the goody bag at the end of parties, so I had to impress her.


  1. The BagAmazon
  2. Nail PolishAmazon
  3. Ring PopsAmazon
  4. Princess StrawAmazon
  5. Princess ChapstickAmazon
  6. Princess StickersAmazon
  7. Bubbles – Party City
  8. Frozen Hair Clip – Dollar Tree
  9. Princess Fruit Snacks – Vons
  10. Personalized Cookie
    • See recipe above for Sleeping Beauty’s Strawberry Cookies.
    • Individually wrapped in cellophane baggies – Amazon
    • Labeled with a personalized “Thank you” sticker.

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