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Another holiday, another treat bag! These were really fun to make. June’s favorite was definately the white chocolate covered strawberries. We had a lot of fun making these treats for her teachers and the best part was that we had leftovers for Labor Day weekend to share with friends, family and to put out at BBQ’s 🙂

Traditional American Cheesecake

These came out so good! I used the recipe from Kitchen 335. The only adjustments I made was I added 1 tsp of cinnamon to the crust and used sour cream instead of whole milk in the cake. I also added raspberries and blueberries for the red, white and blue patriotic effect! I did not make the strawberry sauce that is also in the recipe, because it would be too messy while placing them in the treat bags; but it looks delicious!

Firecracker Strawberries

These were super fun to make. June had a blast with the drizzle and sprinkles. They were also really easy and did not take a lot of time. This is how I did it:

1 Carton of Strawberries
1 Pack GHIRARDELLI White Vanilla Flavored Melting Wafers
1 Pack Wilton Red Candy Melts
1 Pack Wilton Blue Candy Melts
Patriotic Sprinkles

Let’s Make it!
Melt the white chocolate melts in a double broiler until fully melted and smooth. Dip the strawberries in the white chocolate and place on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Put the red and blue melts in separate Wilton Candy Piping Bags. Put the bags in the microwave on high in 30 second intervals massaging the bags after each interval, for a total of about three minutes. Once melted, cut off only a small amount of the tip and drizzle over the strawberries. Add sprinkles. Refridgerate until chocolate hardens!

Treat Bags

What you Need:
Cellophane Bags
Cupcake Liners
Avery Printable Labels

I always like to make Happy Holiday notes on printable Avery labels, including “Love, June”. I print these out on my printer. The Avery website has templates you can create them and print them easily! I adhere a sticker to each cellophane bag.

The cheescake already has a cupcake liner that it was baked in, but I also put the strawberries in a cupcake liner as well. I lined them up side by side in the cellophane bag.

Take red and blue ribbon and tie up the bag. Curl the ribbon and Wa-La!!

Happy Labor Day!!!

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