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I am obsessed with Toast’s you guys! I am always trying to come up with new ones. I like toast’s because it is a great way to incorporate complex carbs and other nutrient dense foods to top it. I am a Huge snacker, so I have to have these types of things at my fingertips, or I am eating my kid’s Goldfish and Veggie Stick Puffs. This one is inspired from the mass amounts of beets I have in my garden. I have used my fair share in Tommy’s baby food and I have made a ton of beet salads… it’s time for something new. This turned out so good!

1 Piece Ezekial Bread
6 Slices of Golden Beet
1/2 Ball Burrata
Small Palm Full Chopped Pistacchios

Let’s Make it!
Steam the beet for about 20 minutes or until tender. Take the beet out and let cool. With a paper towel, peel off the skin. Thinly slice the beet. Toast the Ezekial bread. Drizzle EVOO on the toast. Lay out the beet. Spread the burrata on the beet and sprinkle the chopped pistacchios. Drizzle a little more EVOO and sprinkle some S&P. ENJOY!!

June loves picking veggies from the garden!
Golden Beet from the garden!

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