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June had a lot of fun making these treats for her teachers! I decided to do S’mores bars, because S’mores remind me of American-celebrated holidays and summer (which is right around the corner). We also did chocolate dipped pretzel rods, because they look like fire crackers and are very American festive. I’m not going to lie, the pretzel sticks were a little gnarley, with all the chocolate melting; but in the end they turned out really cute! The most important part is they were both super yummy!

S’mores Bars

Oh my gosh you guys! I came across this recipe a few years ago when I was craving s’mores, but wasn’t about to roast marshmellows over my kitchen stove. They came out soooo good! I got the recipe from Pinch of Yum.

S’more Bars

Firecracker Pretzels

These required a bit more work than I expected, because you have to be very particular with the timing on the candy melts. Timing is everything with these. Which makes it hard with a crying baby and a four year old that needs to be at jiu jitsu in an hour 🙂 They came out so cute though!!

Firecracker Pretzels

Materials & Ingredients:
I got all of this from Walmart


Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Fill the tall dipping container with the white candy melts. There will be some left over. Put the container in the microwave for one minute on the defrost setting. Stir melts with a chopstick or something of that sort. Repeat these steps, except for 30 seconds at a time. Add the rest of the melts in the bag when there is room in the tall container to add more. Keep heating and stirring until the melts are fully melted and are a creamy sort of consistency. It is really important not to overcook, because it will get lumpy. At this point you can dip your pretzel rods. Place the rods flat on the parchment paper and place in the fridge to cool for about 10-15 minutes.

While these are cooling, follow the instrutions on the Wilton Candy Piping Bags to melt the blue and red melts. Once these are melted in the piping bags, drizzle your white covered pretzels with the red and blue. Immediately add the sprinkles, so they stick to the drizzle. This was June’s key step… the sprinkles.

When the pretzels are cooled completely place each rod in a pretzel bag with a twist tie and ta-da!!!

Treat Bags

Just like all my holiday treat bags, I printed out a label on the Avery site; using an American themed template for address labels. I adhered one of these labels to each treat bag and placed a S’more bar and two pretzels sticks in each bag. June was very excited to give these to her teachers… we also brought the leftovers to her jiu jitsu class.

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