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I love St. Patrick’s Day! I also love taking advantage of doing something creative for every holiday, especially with the kids. My family is coming over for corned beef and cabbage so of course I had to have some themed treats to accompany our meal. With the leftover treats I made the decision to make goody bags for her teachers at school.

Lucky Charm Treats

I had to make these, because Lucky Charms or as June Bug calls them “marshmellow cereal” is her favorite cereal. These treat are super good and such a cute idea for a St. Paddy’s Day treat! I got the recipe from Delish.

Green Oreo Pudding Cookies

There are so many awesome St. Patrick’s Day treat recipes out there. We chose this one, because it is a spin on chocolate chip cookies, but instead of chocolate chips you use the Mint Green Oreos. These cookies came out so good and they’re fun to make! I got the recipe from butterwithasideofbread.

1. I also added 1 cup of chocolate chips for the melty goodness.
2. We did not add the mint, because mint isn’t June’s favorite and the Mint Oreos already gave it enough mint flavoring.

Goody Bags

These goody bags were last minute. So I did not have the material to make them super cute. I would originally have put the treats in cellophane bags with green ribbon and a cute tag or label. Instead I just put them in sandwich bags and created a label with clovers on it that said “Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Love June“. Just my luck, my printer was out of colored ink! All good though, the treats were still delicious!!

See my Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe!

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