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One thing I like to do the most while on a road trip or on vacation is SNACK! It is so easy for me to get caught up in all the unhealthy snacking and binging while on vacation, because, Heck! I’m on vacation!! But, there is a way to do it, so you do not feel so “puffy” after your trip and that is EAT/SNACK SMART!

I just finished my 6 week cut and the progress was insane. Now, I am heading off on a weekend trip with the fam! I am a definitely looking forward to indulging, but I also don’t want to totally ruin my progress. Also, since I have become a Certified Nutrition Coach I have spent many hours investigating food. With this- I spent all week researching and buying healthier snack options for the family and I, so I am not stuck binging on Doritos and Oreos that I buy on the road.

My Plan for Healthy Eating/Snacking is…

1) Keep eating my daily Protein allotment (150g/day).
2) Eat Fruits and Vegetables.
3) Indulge in Sweets in Moderation – My Favorite!
4) Snack on healthier options!!!


It is important for me to prioritize protein on vacation to keep me full and feed my muscles!


  • Chomps: Turkey or Beef in various flavors
    -You can get these at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Thrive Market (if you have the membership).
    60-90 kcal
    Protein- 9-10g
    Fat- 3-6g
  • Protein Powder: I just bring my shaker from home and add to water to supplement protein if I need to.
    -I use Levels for Whey and Vega Sport for Plant.
    130-160 kcal
    Carbs- 3-6g
    Protein- 24-30g
    Fat- 3g
  • Protein Bars: I like to use bars for extra protein and I like to buy the sweet ones to satisfy my sweet tooth.
    -The cleaner versions I like are: RxBars, GoMacro, Papa Steve’s No Junk
    – Not as Clean, but high in protein and lower kcal: Barbell
    200-270 kcal
    Carbs- 20-35g
    Protein- 12-20g
    Fat- 7-10g


Fruit and vegetable are always a healthy snacking option, but just like anything else- moderation is the key (for example, fruit is high in sugar).


  • Freeze-dried Fruits: banana (buy green), mango, blueberries, strawberries
    -Trader Joes has an affordable, great selection.
    Serving Size per 1/2 Bag
    65-150 kcal
    Carbs- 15-22g
    Protein- 0.5-2g
  • Dried fruits: mango, apricots, pineapple, papaya
    -Trader Joes, again, has an affordable, great selection.
    Serving Size 6-10pieces
    110-130 kcal
    Carbs- 29-32g
    Protein- 0-1g
  • Fresh Fruit: grapes ,bananas, apples, oranges (Cutie’s), cherries (if in season)
    Nutritional value varies
  • Fresh cut veggies & Hummus: carrots, celery, bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.
    Veggie nutritional value varies
    • Hummus
      -I like to make my own (recipe here) and bring in a Tupperware, but you can also buy your favorite.
      Serving Size 2 Tbsp
      70 kcal-120
      Carbs- 3-8g
      Protein- 2-3g
      Fat- 6-9g


Sweets are my weakness – I need healthy alternatives that keep me from eating 1/2 pack of Oreos!


  • Undercover Chocolate Quinoa Crisps: Other flavors available.
    -I got these at Target.
    Serving Size 4 Crisps
    120 kcal
    Carbs- 19g
    Protein- 2g
    Fat- 6g
  • Siete Cookies: Mexican Shortbread. Other flavors available.
    You can get these at Target, Whole Foods, Thrive Market.
    Serving Size 5 Cookies
    150 kcal
    Carbs- 17g
    Protein- 1g
    Fat- 9g
  • Unreal Candy: Dark Chocolate PB Cups. Many different kinds!
    -I got these from Whole Foods. They also have a Thrive Market.
    Serving Size 1 Candy
    70 kcal
    Carbs- 8g
    Protein- 0g
    Fat- 5g


It is so easy to “go to town” on a bag of chips. Remember it is not about the calorie count entirely, it is also about clean ingredients.


  • Organic Popcorn: Good & Gather or Lesser Evil brand
    – You can get these at Target, Whole Foods, Thrive & most other grocery stores.
    -Should have only 3 ingredients: popcorn, Himalayan salt, seedless oil (coconut, olive)
    Serving size 1 cup
    35-40 kcal
    Carbs- 5g
    Protein- <1g
    Fat- 2-3g
  • Wilde Protein Chips: Chicken & Waffles. Other flavors available.
    -I got these at Whole Foods.
    Serving Size 20 Chips
    170 kcal
    Carbs- 9g
    Protein- 10g
    Fat- 10g
  • Biena Tasty Thins: Hawaiian BBQ. Other flavors available.
    -I got these at Whole Foods.
    Serving Size 35 Crisps
    130 kcal
    Carbs- 18g
    Protein- 3g
    Fat- 6g
  • Sun Poppers: Nacho Cheese. Other flavors available.
    -I got these at Whole Foods.
    Serving Size 45 Poppers
    130 kcal
    Carbs- 15g
    Protein- 3g
    Fat- 7g
  • Plantain Chips
    -I got these at Trader Joes.
    Serving Size 20 Chips
    140 kcal
    Carbs- 19g
    Protein- <1g
    Fat- 7g
  • Whisps Cheese Crisps: Parmesan. Other flavors available.
    -Available at Target, Whole Foods, Thrive, most other grocery stores.
    Serving Size 19 Crisps
    150 kcal
    Carbs- 1g
    Protein- 13g
    Fat- 10g

I am not here to tell you these are the healthiest snacks out there. I am just giving suggestions in regards to what I bought for my trip in order to snack on healthier options that do not contain a ton of processed ingredients and refined sugars. The goal was minimal ingredients and to keep the ingredients as clean as possible. Of course there are some that sneak in there that aren’t wanted. One of these ingredients are seed oils, because they are bad for your digestion and there are a few snacks on here that have them, but I am not too worried about it. The goal is to limit and as always in Moderation!

If you have other suggestion please comment below!

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