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I have never been super into yoga, because I like more of the fast pace, get-er-done workouts; like HIIT or even Pilates. I also LOVE running (all of a sudden), but we’ll get to that in another post. Let me tell you… I am LOVING this yoga thing! I can feel myself getting stronger in certain poses and flows and it is allowing me to get a sense of self confidence, because I am broadening my horizons in the realm of fitness. Not only am I getting lower and stronger in my squats and running faster miles in my regular workout routine, but now I am also able to hold a crescent lunge without wobbling so much (which is hard for me). I am also becoming more flexible.

Yoga also goes along with my theory of having a fit mind and spirit in order to be successfully fit physically. The breathing techniques are key and meditative; and of course the Shavasana at the end of class allows you to be present and in the moment that is carried with me the rest of the day. It allows me to carry myself with grace and poise, while having a clear mind.

I recommend giving yoga a try. I ended up doing a free class and building on that. Now I have a membership, because I loved it so much! They have so many options to fit your style:
1. Yoga Sculpt – High intensity with weights and bands.
2. Hot Yoga – A variety of yoga poses that test your balance and strength.
3. Slow Flow – Focuses on yoga poses with breath to create a fluid movement.
4. Power – More challenging, high energy flow to promote strength.
5. Restorative Yoga – Floor postures and stretching to improve flexibility.
I started strictly with Yoga Sculpt, because it fit my workout style the best. It was similar to HIIT style workouts, which was all I wanted out of the classes at the time. I then branched out to Power and Hot Yoga in order to strengthen my practice.

I have gathered some killer deals at some yoga studios, that I would not pass up:

  1. Yoga Six : This is where my membership is! I can’t say enough great things about it. All of the trainers are amazing and passionate. These classes are all hot, but one restorative class is not. Let me tell you I did not think I would like hot yoga. I hate being hot! Believe it or not, I freakin love it and now could not imagine class without it. You feel so good afterward, it is definitely worth it.
    • First Class is free.
    • I did a special- 20 classes for $22. They always have different specials that may fit your needs, if you inquire.
    • Regular membership $146/mo. They also do discounts if you sign up for one of their promotions.
  2. Hot 8 Yoga:
    • New Members $8 for 7 days.
    • Regular membership is $199/mo.
  3. Core Power:
    • First 2 weeks Free- You have to sign up for a membership, but you can cancel before your 2 weeks is up and they will not charge you for anything. Who knows you may like it so much you don’t want to cancel.
    • Regular membership is $105/mo.
  4. Glo: These are online classes. This for those of you that can’t get a babysitter or husband to watch the kids to go to a class or have conflicting schedules. They have everything from yoga (beginner to expert), pilates, meditation, and even some HIIT style workouts. I will most likely switch to this when my husabnd goes back to work!
    • 7 day free trial.
    • Annual membership is $21/mo
    • Monthly membership is $24/mo.

As a beginner to hot yoga, a few things you will need for class that I would have not known if I didn’t go to my first class with a friend who knew better:
1. Yoga Mat
2. Hot Yoga Towel – So you don’t slip on your mat. I got the Shandali towel. I love it and it’s affordable.
3. Water
4. Sweat towel – you will need it!

I hope you try out some hot yoga. It is so good for the Mind, Body & Soul!

Shout out to my husband on this post. He recommended I write about my yoga experience, as he has noticed it has been an amazing one for me!

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